A place where we can get the feeling of serenity, comfort, tranquility of mind, body, heart, and soul in the form nuances of Javanese Royal Kingdom life in the past. In Rumah Boedi Borobudur you feel the sensation living in a harmony with the very pure nature. This is a private residence style like a lost ancient of Mataram Kingdom. Here you can feel a resurrected kingdom in the middle of a forest near Borobudur temple approximately 1,5 km. We will indulge you by the atmosphere of tropical forest, the appearance of tropical flora and fauna that we have.

Cultivate your Mind Empower your Body Nurture your Soul Experience True Javanese Culture Embrace Natural Surrounndings Enjoy Sincere Hospitality.


Tour Experience

Solo City Tour

Solo City Tour

  • Mangkunegaran Sultan Palace Mangkunegaran is a small hereditary Duchy located within the region of Surakarta in Indonesia. It was established in 1757 by Raden Mas Said, when he submitted his army to Pakub

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If you want to plan to playing Rafting in the Elo River, here is the right time to do it. We recommend you to take this package. Elo river is located near with Borobudur temple in Magelang. Enjoy the elo river raf

Rafting Experience