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Semarang City Tour

  • Old City (Kota Tua During Dutch Colonial)
    Semarang is a city on the north coast of the island of Java,Indonesia. It is the capital and largest city of the province of Central Java. It has an area of 373.78 square kilometres and a population of approximately 1,8 million people, making it Indonesia’s fifth most populous city and the fifth largest Indonesian city after Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan. The built-up (metro) area had 3,183,516 inhabitants at the 2010 census spread on 2 cities and 26 districts.  Greater Semarang (akaKedungsapur) has a population of close to 6 million (see Greater Semarang section).  A major port during the Dutch colonial era, and still an important regional center and port today, the city has a dominant Javanese population.
  • Lawang Sewu
    Lawang Sewu (“Thousand Doors”) is a landmark in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, built as the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company. The colonial era building is famous as a haunted house, though the Semarang city government has attempted to rebrand it.
  • Vihara (Klenteng) Sam Po Kong
    Sam Poo Kong, also known as Gedung Batu Temple, is the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Originally established by the Chinese Muslim explorer Zheng He (also known as Sanbao), it is now shared by Indonesians of multiple religious denominations, including Muslims and Buddhists, and ethnicities, including Chinese and Javanese.
  • Tugu Muda Simpang Lima
    Tugu Muda is a stone monument in Semarang, Java commemorating the struggle for independence by Indonesian youth. It was dedicated by President Sukarno on 20 May 1953 to commemorate the continuous five-day battle between the youth of Semarang and a Japanese battalion led by Major Kido from 14–19 October 1945.Japanese forces drove the Dutch from Indonesia as the “elder brother of Asia”; however, the Japanese were crueler to dissidents than their Dutch counterparts.The stone monument consists of a foundation, body and head. One side of the monument is done in relief, with ornamental ponds and gardens surrounding it.
  • Panorama Gombel
  • Lunch

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